Drying Time


Most carpets dry in about between 2 and 4 hours. Some carpets take longer and some take less. It can also depend on the conditions inside the house and also the weather. It is always a good idea to air you house out during cleaning and to keep your home warm after the cleaning. Please do not walk on the carpets after they have been cleaned if you can help it......


Stain Removal


Stain removal depends on a number of things. We can remove most stains but it does depend on how long they have been in the carpet , what they are, the type carpet itself, the traffic going over the carpet can also make the stain more difficult to remove and a number of other factors. We will treat the stains and if we cant get them out then no one can get them out. Traffic areas are always given extra cleaning and how they come up depends on the amount of wear that the carpets have received over time.


Payment Methods


We can take cash  and all credit and debit cards. If you are going to make a EFT then let us know before the job.


Dry Cleaning  v Steam Cleaning


Dry Cleaning rubs carpet using a damp, twirling sponge. Some dirt absorbs into the sponge, but deep dirt & parasites are not removed.  Dry cleaning is recommended for a light clean between steam cleans.

Steam cleaning increases the life of carpet by removing damaging stains, dirt, fleas and dust mites.  The worlds largest textile manufacturers and carpet experts recommend steam cleaning as the best method.


Benefits of Steam Cleaning


The most important benefit of steam cleaning is the potential improvement to you and your familys health. A great many people suffer from allergies and conditions such as asthma and eczema. A dusty, dirty carpet will throw up particles every time it is walked upon, which can exacerbate such conditions.

A vacuum cleaner with powerful suction is good for removing surface dirt but regular vacuuming, no matter how high quality the equipment will never get the deep down dirt and stains in the carpet. Thus, steam cleaning carpets has become the alternative to expensive replacement. The more often that you get your carpets cleaned the better it is for them. We clean some carpets on a weekly basis and you can never clean your carpets enough.


Notice for bookings


We offer same day service 7 Days a week.  You can ring during anytime during the day and we will be able to offer you a service on that day. We also work in the evenings or early mornings if that is more conveniant for you though in some apartment blocks loud noise is prohibited at some times.


Receipt given for every job


A receipt is given for every job that we do that will keep your landlord or real estate agent happy

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