Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions constitute the full and complete service agreement (the "Agreement") between you (the "Customer") and D & R Carpet Cleaning ("D & R") for the provision of services by D & R. Please take some time to review this Agreement. Use of our services constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services
a. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, D & R agrees to provide carpet and upholstery cleaning services (the "Service") to the Customer at an address specified by the Customer (the "Premises").
b. The Service will be for such carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services as agreed with the Customer at the time of booking.
c. D & R will provide one or more carpet cleaning technicians (the "Carpet Cleaner") to attend the Premises to provide the Service at a time and date mutually agreed, Due to high demand technicians have a leeway of 1 hour after appointment time to arrive at premises (if any later our technicians will contact you via provided phone number)
d. D & R endeavours to provide the Service faithfully, diligently and in a timely and professional manner.

2.Job Quotations
a.The quote we provide over the telephone or via email and facebook, is based on information provided by the Customer to D & R,
b.The Carpet Cleaner may quote extra after inspection if there are extra rooms or areas that D & R were not informed of during the quotation process or if the condition of the carpet or upholstery is deemed to be different from the information provided by the Customer.
c. The Carpet Cleaner will confirm the price with the Customer before work commences.

3. Customer Representations and Health and safety
The Customer represents and warrants that:
a. it will provide a safe working environment at the Premises for the Carpet Cleaner to perform the Service;
b. it will provide the Carpet Cleaner with access to all services and utilities (including hot and cold water, electricity, and rubbish bins) as required by the Carpet Cleaner
c. it will secure or remove any fragile, delicate, breakable or valuable items, including cash, jewellery, works of art, antiques, or items of sentimental value prior to the commencement of the Service.

4. Bookings
a. Customer or representative must be present at the time of booking to provide access to premises and to make payment.
b. The customer must notify D & R prior the appointment if there will not be anybody present at premises and must pay in advance via bank transfer.
c. The customer must notify D & R access to the premises (Keys/ door codes) if property will be unattended at time of appointment.
d. D & R reserves the right not to accept a booking for any reason.

5. Cancellations
a. The Customer must contact D & R via your form of booking (telephone or Internet) prior to 8pm on the business day before the Service Time, if they wish to suspend, postpone or cancel the Service for any reason.
b. In the event that such notice has been given, D & R will endeavour to reschedule the Service if required.

6.Payment Terms
a. The Customer agrees to pay the price quoted by D & R in full prior to or at the Service Time, unless otherwise agreed in advance with D & R.
b. Payments may be made in cash, or via bank transfer. Bank transfer details will be given on completion of job and to be paid with our technician.

a. If the Customer is dissatisfied for any reason with the Service provided, it must inform D & R within 24 hours of completion of the Service.
b. In the event of a customer complaint, the Customer undertakes to give D & R the opportunity to rectify all work.

8. Accidents, Breakage, Damage & Theft
a. The Customer must inform D & R of any incident where an accident, breakage, damage to property or theft has occurred within 24 hours of the Service.
b. To the extent permitted by law, damage or loss to the following items is specifically excluded from the liability of D & R:
v. wear, damage or stains that can not be completely cleaned or removed;
vi. any wear or discolouring of fabric or surfaces becoming more visible once dirt has been removed;
vii. any loss incurred as a result of any breakage or damage to goods, items of value (including antiques, items of sentimental value)
c. The Customer acknowledges that the results of any services provided may vary depending on a number of factors (including time elapsed since Premises was last carpet cleaned and nature of carpet and upholstery cleaning required), and that D & R gives no guarantee as to the actual results of the Service.


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